Community Feedback

We used a variety of tools to solicit community feedback and assess how you feel about the Library. One hundred eighteen people participated in our focus groups made up of business leaders, parents of young children, school administration, teens, Library Foundation members, Friends of the Library, Library and City staff and the general public. Additionally, 2,097 people participated in our online survey, in which we asked about things such as library usage, resources and programs.

how does our community use the library

You may have already guessed that our community loves browsing through the vast selection, checking out popular best-selling titles and borrowing children’s books, but did you know that the Library offers a great variety of programs and entertainment?


Our survey results show that people visit the Library most on weekday mornings and afternoons - the same time we host many of our children’s programs. Coincidence? We don’t think so.


And our community wants more!


While 43% feel that their library usage will remain the same, 55% plan to use the Library even more in the next five years!


Our Library Users...

non-library users...

what does our community think about the library

Whether it’s the friendly staff, the many community programs, an accessible workspace, or any of the other resources, our community likes what the Library has to offer.


We asked you to tell us what you think of the Library and what’s important to you ...


Not surprisingly, the feedback we received shows that what's most important to our users is the availability of common resources such as wireless internet access, quiet areas and books, movies and music for checkout. More interestingly, it shows that our community values welcoming spaces, comfortable seating and programs for kids and teens as well.


On the other hand, you also told us that sometimes the library can be dark, crowded and noisy.


what does our community want for

the future of the library

We wanted to understand what you want for the future of the Library, and to use your input to develop a great Library Master Plan that reflects the community's vision.


So, we simply asked you ...


... And here's what we heard.