Master Plan Overview

During the development of the Library Master Plan, a comprehensive assessment was carried out to evaluate the Library's current condition as well as its needs for the future. You can view the full plan here. The Library Master Plan was completed and adopted in 2015. Below are some highlights from the analysis as well as recommendations. Library staff will work to implement these recommendations within the city’s available resources.

Analysis highlights

Youth Programs are Excellent

The Library is a Destination

Circulation is


With 38,000 program attendees in fiscal year 2013, the Cedar Park Public Library is 54% above program attendance in other libraries.

There are 286,546 visits to the Cedar Park Public Library per year. That's about 33 sold out events at the Cedar Park Center!

689,237 materials are checked out per year. On average, that's equal to about 1,888 materials each day.




Improve relevancy of the collection

The Cedar Park Public Library and the City of Cedar Park should strive to achieve a more current collection over the next five years, with a goal of reducing the overall average age of items in the collection to no more than 12 years.



Improve the number of items in the collection

The consultants recommend that the Library work toward a benchmark collection ratio of 2.25 items per person in the service area, and that it set a goal of achieving this level within seven years from the date collection growth becomes possible, based on room from expansion.


Improve the Library facility

The Cedar Park Public Library and the City of Cedar Park should plan to renovate or construct a new library facility. The current facility is maximized and has an inefficient layout.


Option 1:

Renovate and expand the existing library.


Option 2:

Build a new library.


Option 3:

Partner with a new library with a non-library organization.


Update and increase the number of reader seats

The consultants propose a benchmark of 2 reader seats per 1,000 people. As the furniture is replaced and increased, tables and seats that allow for mobility and power connectivity should be implemented.



Increase access to online resources

In order to provide more effective access to online resources, the consultants recommend the Library work toward a goal of one computer per 1,500 persons, the “Exemplary” level of service described by Texas standards, over the next five year period.


Improve the number and diversity of public meeting spaces

Cedar Park Public Library should include a versatile public meeting facility, large enough to accommodate at least 150 persons. In addition, the Library should incorporate a variety of smaller spaces for small meetings, group study, collaborative projects, one-on-one tutoring and instruction, and individual quiet study.


Increase number of staff

The City of Cedar Park should increase number of staff over next five years to achieve goal of reducing the average number of check-outs per staff to less than twice the average for public libraries in the state or 12,000 items per full-time equivalent (FTE) staff member.